BESSEY - steel clamps BESSEY - body clamps METABO - LION cordless drill STIHL - high pressure cleaner NILFISK - high pressure lance STIHL - high pressure cleaner STARMIX - wet and dry vacuum cleaner STAHL - handheld spotlight JDSU - optical power meter BESSEY - compound leverage snips BESSEY - spring clamps BESSEY - high-tech snips BESSEY - body clamps METABO - impact drill METABO - LION cordless screwdriver family METABO - charger NILFISK - patio cleaner BOSCH - wet and dry vacuum cleaner, patent METABO - commercial vacuum cleaner METABO - jigsaw

Crafts and Trades

Tradition and economics shape the crafts like they have ever done. Crucial product characteristics for professional tools are therefore quality workmanship, durability, functionality and performance. However, technical innovations, if combined with an ergonomic and trend-setting design provide further decisive advantages for manufacturers. A consistent design line will effectively increase customers‘ appreciation and loyalty to the brand.